Gulf Arabesque
P.O. BOX 32239,
Isatown, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel +973 17 297555
Fax +973 17 290592

About Gulf Arabesque

Established in 1974, Gulf Arabesque is a company specialized in interior and exterior decorative works. A pioneer in preserving the heritage of the Arab world, Gulf Arabesque’s craftsmen have carried out some of the most prestigious decorative and ornamental projects in Bahrain.

Two types of decoration works are used in today’s structures:

Glass fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GRG), an easy to work-with, light, flexible material and at the same time, tough and has a high resistance to impact. Above all, GRG has a fine high quality finish which reflects the beauty of the geometric Islamic designs.

Glass fiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC), an extremely strong material, a combination of fibreglass and concrete makes the GRC light and very flexible. It is fire resistant and high sound insulation properties.

GRC is used for large and simpler architectural detals. Both materials have been employed in all types of buildings such as the Royal Palaces, Mosques, Hotels, Office Buildings and Private Villas.

Gulf Arabesque’s skilled team have attained new levels of production quality and finishing, mainly through the talent of the founder Ahmed al-Arifi, who created the company and designs himself, the geometric patterns, some handed down through the ages. With his passion and vast experience, he has devised innovative modern techniques to retain the original quality of these works of art and to keep pace with an ever demanding and fast moving world.